Common Questions

Part / Quality / Warranty FAQ

1. By selling an OE Reman Direct part, aren’t I just losing a sale of an OE Collision part?

No, OE Reman Direct parts are intended to boost sales currently lost to aftermarket, reconditioned or salvaged parts that a dealer today has no product line to compete with.


2. What is an OE Reman Direct part?

OE Reman Direct completely reconditions the following parts:

1) Plastic fascias will be primed and ready for painting and installation.
2) Steel bumpers are re-chromed.

Sheet-metal will be OE dimensionally correct parts with minor cosmetic finish blemishes.
All OE Reman Direct parts have never been previously installed on a vehicle.


3. How does the quality of an OE Reman Direct part compare to Aftermarket,reconditioned or salvaged parts?

Because we start with an OE part manufactured on production tooling, you and your customer will have confidence in a part that has fit and finish second only to new Genuine OE.


4. Does OE Reman Direct use parts that have been in a collision?

No, our process currently uses only non-collision damaged parts. We do not refinish salvaged parts.
All OE Reman Direct parts have never been previously installed on a vehicle.


5. What is the warranty?

All OE Reman Direct parts come with a limited lifetime warranty. (restrictions apply)
Click here for complete warranty details.


6. What if the part number is not shown on the OE Reman Direct website parts list, is one available?

OE Reman Direct’s inventory is real time. Only the parts listed are currently available.
Because the website’s inventory is real time, new part numbers and applications are added immediately upon receiving additional inventory.
Looking for something not listed? Please contact your sales representative.


Ordering / Shipping / Packaging FAQ

7. What is the minimum purchase quantity?

There is no minimum purchase requirement.
Freight is included on orders of 20 pieces or more.
Orders will be shipped freight collect on purchases of less than 20 pieces unless combined with your Collision Truckload order.
There is no minimum order quantity by part number. Any minimums are based on the total number of pieces ordered regardless of part number mix.


8. I only need one part right now, can you help?

Ford Collision Part Truckload Dealers can order only one part as long as it rides on an existing CP order.
Due to freight costs, Non-OE Collision TL Orders are required to have a minimum of 20 parts.
Orders under 20 pieces not combined with an OE Collision CP order will be shipped freight collect.
Will call orders of any quantity can be picked up at our Monroe, MI warehouse.
Please contact to place your will call order.


9. Is Will Call available?

Will call is available at our Monroe, MI, and Pittsburgh Pa warehouses only at this time.
Parts will be available 2 hours after order is placed.
Please contact to place your will call order.


10. How are the parts packaged?

Fascias are packaged in micro foam and scrim wrap. Similar to OEM packaging.
Steel Bumpers are wrapped in heavy layered bumper wrap.
Sheet metal is cardboard packaged.


11. How quickly will my product be shipped?

If the order is being added to your OE Ford Collision truckload order it will be shipped with that CP order.
All other orders will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt of order.
A 2 hour minimum is required for will call orders.


12. Is there a return policy if the part was damaged in transit?

OE Reman Direct must be notified with 24 hours of receipt of damaged product.
Contact or 313-617-8417


13. Can I track the shipment?

You will receive an e-mail notification upon receipt of your order.
You will receive an e-mail notification upon shipment of your order.
Yes, contact or 313-617-8417


14. Who do I call if I have a question about delivery?

Please contact or 313-617-8417


Payment / Credit FAQ

15. Why is a credit application needed?

OE Reman Direct is an independently owned company. You need to have acceptable credit to receive terms.


16. Where can I find the credit application form?

Click here to download now.


17. What are the payment terms?

Net 30 days with acceptable credit


18. As a dealer, do I get Ford sales credit?

No sales credit is earned as OE Reman Direct is not part of any OEM.


Marketing Material FAQ

19. How do I obtain marketing materials?

A body shop tri-fold pamphlet can be downloaded in PDF format here.
Printed versions will be available for purchase at a minimal cost.
Please contact to order marketing materials.


Other FAQ

20. Is there a hotline number I can call with questions?

For customer support please call 313-617-8417.


21. Can I receive the current inventory in a printable format?

We are currently working on providing this capability.